Feasibility & Economic Evaluation Consultancy

  • Market and feasibility studies for new hotels & resorts
  • Market and feasibility studies for residential real estates
  • Market research for lifestyle office building sector
  • Development and strategy advisor for regional and national authorities
  • Master planning and zoning studies for hospitality and mixed use projects

Property Appraisal & Valuation

  • Property valuation of hotels and resorts
  • Property valuation of A & A+ type serviced offices
  • Property valuation of residential and mixed use real estate complexes
  • Business valuation of hotels and mixed-use properties
  • Acquisition and disposals advisory
  • JV structuring advisory

Concept Development And Project Specifications

  • Concept Development
    • Develop theme of operation
    • Develop physical concept
    • Creation of general master plan of project
    • Product Differentiation
  • Project Specifications
    • Architectural, technical, landscaping, interior design guidelines & specifications
    • Space program and flow charts
    • Technical equipment performance criteria list

Project Development Coordination

  • Architectural
  • Mechanical
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Interior Design
  • HSE
  • Infrastructure
  • Design Process
  • Landscaping
  • Preparation of FF&E and OS&E Lists
  • Determining of FF&E and OS&E Specifications and providing Technical Support in Selection Process

Design Management & Development Coordination

  • Coordination process of designers, architects, landscape designers and technical advisors
  • Direction, coordination and supervision of all designers and technical advisors during the development phase
  • Audit and integration of operator (brand) specific design criteria

Management/Franchise/ License Branding Advisory

  • Search for suitable Management/Franchise/License International Hotel Chain company
  • Establishment of agreements, negotiations and discussions
  • Supervision and coordination of the management on behalf of the Owner/Developer

Sales & Marketing

  • Establish Sales & Marketing Concepts
  • Preparation of Sales & Marketing Plans, procedures, budgets, etc.
  • Establishment, training, orientation and management of the Sales & Marketing Teams
  • Establish Price Strategy
  • Preparations of briefs for outsourced services (Agencies, PR Companies, Printed & Electronic Material)
  • Create alliances with associations, e-media, etc.

Development Of Selected International Hotel Brand Structure

  • Recruitment and training of key management employees.
  • Departmental and orientation training for all employees.
  • Preparation of hotel policy and procedures
  • Preparation of hotel job descriptions
  • Preparation of all operation systems ( Management Budgets, Operational Action Plans, Accounting, Purchasing, Stock Control Systems, PMS, IT systems)
  • Supervision and coordination of the opening
  • On going supervision/control of the operation